Algorithms and Methodology
Architecture And Distribution
Capture table
Censor by Temperature
Compile Gage Statistics
Compute Snowmelt
CSO Characterization
CSO Event Statistics
Daily Disaggregation
Data Import and Export
Deicing Facility Precipitation Frequency Analysis
Details table
GEV Analysis
Gradually Varied Flow Calculator
Hourly Disaggregation
IDF analysis
Input tables
Intensity – Duration – Frequency Analysis
NCDC Data Flags
Output tables
Overflow table
Paired Stochastic Daily Data Disaggregation
Precipitation Data Disaggregation
Precipitation Data Formats
Precipitation Data Import
Read NCDC Temperature Data
Read Surface Airways Data
Read SWMM Results
Read USHCN Data
Reformat Multi-gage File
Representative Period Selection
Rescale and Reformat
Run Parameters
Sample Applications
Sanitary System Study
STORM Function
STORM Goal Seek
STORM Multi-run
Storms table
Stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) Facility Sizing
Structure Table
SWMM 4 B9 hydrograph file
SWMM 5 report file
SWMM 5 Simplification
SWMM Plotter
temperature data file