Output tables
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Overflow - hourly listing of all overflows at each structure

Storms - summary data for each storm during simulation

Capture - summary data of treated flow at each structure for each storm

Details - complete hourly output for selected structure(s) [depends on setting of DETAILS in STRUCTURE table]


Formulas for computation of inflow, capture, and percent capture are presented below:


        Capture volume (flow-based) = (totcap dwph (hflow hrain)) ny

        Capture volume (time-based) = totcap ny

             Percent capture = 100 capvol (capvol + annvol)

        Upstream DWF =  (dwph localdwph) hrain ny

        Upstream Runoff   = (totusflow (dwph localdwph) hflow) ny

        Local DWF =  localdwph hrain ny

        Local Runoff = (capvol + annvol totusflow localdwph hflow) ny




        totcap = volume treated during hours model ran (MG)

        dwph = dry weather flow per hour from upstream and local areas (MG)

        hflow = total time the model computed flows for (h)

        hrain = total duration of storm events including dry hours during storms (h)

        ny = number of years the model ran

        annvol = overflow volume (MG)

        localdwph = dry weather flow per hour from local sewershed only (MG)

        capvol = capture volume (as defined above)

        totusflow = total inflow to node from upstream structures (MG)