STORM Multi-run
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Multi-run parameters


Arithmetic sequence                                           Geometric sequence



Maximum number of iterations is used to limit the number of iterations the program performs.  For example, setting it to 10 allows 10 values of storage and 10 values of treatment for a maximum of 100 simulations.

Drawdown time is typically set to 7 days or less to allow storage facilities to drain out between storms.

Treatment and Storage increments/multipliers are typically set to 1.1 or 1.2 to test successively higher storage volumes and treatment rates.  Set a multiplier to 1.0 to hold that parameter constant (e.g. to generate a set of results for varying storage with treatment held constant).



When constant Storage or Treatment is selected, its multiplier/increment is ignored and re-set to 1 when a simulation is performed. When the user selects constant Drawdown time, the treatment rate is computed as the storage volume divided by the drawdown time. The user-specified treatment rate is ignored.