Precipitation Data Import
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NCDC precipitation data. Read National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) precipitation time series from several standard formats.  NCDC data can be hourly or daily data in TD-3240 or TD-3200 formats either as distriubted by NCDC or from the HydroData formats distributed through CDM's Hydrologic Data Center in Denver.  Precipitation data formats that NetSTORM can read are shown on the precipitation data format page.  It is acceptable to have multiple raingages in a single file. When processing is complete, NCDC data flags are displayed along with the converted data.


Date - time precipitation data. NetSTORM can import time series data contained in a text file with a Microsoft Office-compatible date-time format followed by a precipitation value. For example, 


07-12-1948 14:00  1.02

07-12-1948 15:00  0.28

07-21-1948 07:00  0.70


will be saved as


    1 1948 07 12 14 00  1.02

    1 1948 07 12 15 00  0.28

    1 1948 07 21 07 00  0.70


if gage number 1 is assigned to the input data.


Note: there should be only one space or tab between the date and time fields for Windows-format data.