NCDC Data Flags
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NetSTORM stochastically disaggregates accumulated data in the converted file.  These records are flagged with an A and the accumulated total at the right of the data file.  Accumulated values and other data flags are summarized in a separate window based on the NCDC data flags listed below.


a        Begin accumulation. A value of 99999 accompanies this flag. For TD3240, it indicates that the 

accumulation has begun sometime during the hour.


A        End accumulation (amount is associated with this flag). For TD3240, it indicates the 

accumulation has ended sometime during the hour.  Accumulated period indicates that the 

precipitation amount is correct, but only the exact beginning and ending times are known.  A 

data value of 99999 occurring on the last day and hour of a month indicates the accumulation 

continues into the next month.


D         Original data were deleted during data quality analysis.


E        Evaporation may have occurred.  Data may or may not be reliable. This flag was used 

during the period 1984-1993.


g          Only used for day 1, hour 0100 when precipitation is zero.


       Incomplete or Inexact daily total occurring only with hour 2500.  Value is not a true 24-hour 

amount. One or more periods are missing and/or an accumulated amount has begun but not 

ended during the daily period.          


M        Missing data. No data available for this period.


P        A daily total excludes erroneous values (those flagged q, Q, {, or }.  A P flag will also be 

present when an accumulation has ended (but not begun) during the daily period. 


T        Indicates a "trace" amount.  Data value will be zero.  "T" flags appear on NWS First 

Order data only since July 1996.  Trace flags are ignored by NetSTORM.