STORM Function
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NetSTORM's STORM function can be called from spreadsheets or other software that references external library functions. The StormSolver.xls spreadsheet installed with NetSTORM demonstrates how to call STORM from Excel.




STORM(ifile, retparam, area, ds, ev, gap, coeff, treat, store, ffint, toc, ksat, metric)


ifile              full pathname of a data file with hourly precipitation

retparam     1 for capture fraction, 2 for MG/yr (ML/yr) overflow, 3 for overflows/yr, 4 for first flush exceedances/yr

area             watershed area (acres or ha)

ds                 depression storage (inches or mm)

ev                 initial abstraction (inches/day or mm/day)

gap               interevent time (hours)

coeff             runoff coefficient

treat             treatment rate (mgd or MLD)

store            storage volume (MG or ML)

ffint              first flush (in or mm)

toc                first flush duration (hours)

ksat              infiltration rate (in/h or mm/hr)

metric           use metric or English units (true for metric)