An Integrated Set of Modeling Codes to Support a Variety of Coastal Aquifer Modeling Apporaches

Robert Fitzgerald, P.E.

Peter Riordan, P.E.

Brendan Harley, ScD, C.Eng


An integrated set of modeling codes is introduced which can support a variety of modeling approaches used to address coastal aquifer issues. This set of tools includes groundwater flow, solute transport, 2-phase sharp interface and coupled flow-transport modeling codes. All of the codes are fully 3-dimensional and linked by a common model database (input/output files), input command structure and graphical pre/post processor. The linkages between codes expedite application of multiple approaches to a problem and a logical sequencing of model development. Further, linkage of all codes to a dedicated graphical pre/post processor and related modeling and GIS tools such as GMS, ArcView GIS, Argus ONE, AutoCAD and EVS enhances modeling efficiency and graphical presentation.

Example applications of these codes are briefly presented which illustrate different approaches appropriate to addressing different coastal aquifer modeling issues. These include:

  • Groundwater flow and particle tracking simulations to assess the effectiveness of alternative groundwater management strategies to retard the intrusion of saline water into a Central Valley, California aquifer
  • 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional sharp interface modeling of potential groundwater impacts resulting from a proposed development in Hawaii. Potential pitfalls of applying 2-dimensional areal models in coastal aquifers are also highlighted.
  • Coupled flow-transport simulations of sea water intrusion in Gaza.
  • Simulations using single phase (non-density-dependent) groundwater flow and transport models to assess the effectiveness of injection barriers used to inhibit salt water intrusion in Southern California
  • 3-dimensional sharp interface simulations of seawater intrusion on Long Island, New York
  • Sharp interface and solute transport modeling applied to water supply development study on the Gulf Coast of Florida