NetSTORM is CDM Smith's software for hydrologic data analysis and collection system model pre- and post-processing. The software performs:
  • Storage Treatment Overflow Runoff Modeling
  • Precipitation intensity duration frequency (IDF) analysis
  • Time series aggregation and synthetic disaggregation
  • Data acquisition and formatting from US National Weather Service sources
  • SWMM and MOUSE calibration and statistics tools
NetSTORM adapts selected algorithms originally included in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers HEC-STORM program and extends the STORM methodology to simulate systems with multiple control structures. It has been used in CSO, SSO, industrial stormwater, and pump station planning studies worldwide. NetSTORM was used to establish stormwater detention basin design guidelines for the California Stormwater BMP Handbooks. NetSTORM is designed for Windows operating systems. It operates in SI and English units. It is available for free download and use.

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