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DYNFLOW - Groundwater Flow Model

  • Fully 3-dimensional finite element model
  • Multiple aquifer layers
  • Variable grid density
  • Automatic transition between dry, unconfined and confined conditions
  • Transient and steady state simulations
  • Variety of boundary conditions representing interaction with surface water and adjoining aquifers
  • Algorithms to represent wells pumping from multiple aquifer layers

Simulated Groundwater Table Contours and Velocity Vectors

(Click image for larger view)

The core of DYNSYSTEM is the fully 3-dimensional flow code, DYNFLOW, which evolved from the MIT-developed AQUIFEM code in the 1970s. DYNFLOW is a comprehensive finite element code, proven during hundreds of practical applications. DYNFLOW simulates fully 3-D multi-layer aquifer systems and allows a wide range of stresses and boundary conditions to be applied. It also has 1D elements for simulating multi-layer wells, underdrains, and fractured rock interconnections, and 2D elements which can represent fault barriers and slurry walls. It can run in steady state or transient mode, and allows for input data updating at any time step during transient runs. DYNFLOW has standard fixed head, fixed flux and 3rd type (head dependent flow) boundary conditions, plus special "rising water" and "pond element" features.

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