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Central Valley, California  
Long Island, New York  
West Bank, Palestine  
Gaza Coast, Palestine  
Valparaiso, Indiana  
Fuel Terminal Site, Nevada  
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Modeling Examples

Central Valley, California:
Aquifer management including saline intrusion control, evaluation of conjunctive use alternatives

Long Island, New York:
Regional groundwater management planning; local well field studies

West Bank, Palestine:
Regional groundwater model with complex hydrostratigraphy

Gaza Coastal Aquifer, Palestine:
Comprehensive coastal aquifer management plan

Valparaiso, Indiana:
Chloride contamination

Fuel Terminal Site, Nevada:
Simulation of contaminant capture schemes

For a comprehensive listing of DYNSYSTEM applications nationwide and overseas, you can download a Adobe PDF file here. Within the PDF file, it is possible to search for various keywords such as "coastal", "TCE", etc.

If you do not yet have a PDF viewer, please visit Adobe's site.

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