The Forecast Manager assists the planner in producing a water demand forecast unique to each planning project. The planner may add specific customer classes and define water use sectors and subsectors to create a forecast designed for a specific service area. Different types of water demand forecasting models may be selected for each water use sector. The forecasting model types range from a basic constant use rate model to the specification of more complex linear or multiplicative econometric models which the user must provide. When using the more complex models, the planner may select variables and add unique variables to be used in estimating the water demand of each sector. The specification of forecasting techniques, model variables, elasticities, and other technical items is made easier with automated walk-through screens and context-sensitive help.

The Forecast Manager includes features that facilitate estimating unaccounted-for water use, system peak demand, and adjusting water demand estimates for conservation assumptions. Additional tools permit the water resource planner to conduct sensitivity analyses and to develop statistical confidence intervals for the forecasts of future water use. Data requirements vary depending upon the types of models selected by the planner and the variables used within each model. Forecast results are displayed via standard report formats or graphing capabilities that offer a multitude of options.

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